Software Recognition

  • All Applied Automation Technologies, Inc. software products are digitally signed and recognized by Windows OS, additionally AAT is recognized as a trusted software provider.

Error Compensation File

  • Error Compensation file format extension has been updated from text format (.dat) to binary format (.bin).

Graphical User Interface

  • Customize Screen Layout dialog enhanced to have support multiple screens when using Capps. 
  • Reset Graphics Options and Display Options dialogs now update graphics immediately.
  • Active probe tip is indicated with green color in Graphics Window.
  • Capps supports fast switching between feature measurement dialogs.
  • Changing probe head file in Capps NC can be done easily by browsing Machine Head Models file type in Enter Probe Definitions Window.
  • A lot of configuration parameters (.ini parameters) can be accessed and changed through System Menu, which eliminates of opening and editing the configuration file manually.
  • Use Default DMIS option is added to System Menu, which will automatically add the assigned DMIS(.dmi) file to the top of the DMIS program if checked.
  • A new section is added to System Menu, which allows the user assign Labels, Images, DMIS Program Names, Functions, G-code file names, etc. to one of the three options in the Quick Menu.

File Dialogs

  • Capps now provides default names when saving internal files. For MDL/SHD file types Capps uses imported CAD model name.For all others, program name is used as the default name.
  • Open/Save dialogs remembers last opened file type automatically.


Form/Profile Dilaogs

  • Using datums in form-profile dialog.

Probe Model Builder

  • New probe models and enhancements on probe model builder.


  • CappsDMIS and CappsNC now supports Keyence laser sensors.
  • Existing sensors in Sensor Select List can be cloned.


  • Analog sensor calibration now works with any sensor orientation and stem direction.
  • Star probe calibration paths are optimized to avoid extra moves and stem collision.
  • Enhancements in probe calibrations.
  • Enhancements in AutoCal creator.
  • A new parameter Force5AxisCalibration is introduced as a configuration parameter to notify the user about the probe head calibration status when executing a program.(i.e. If an non-calibrated probe head is selected during program execution, program will pause and the user will be notified about the calibration status)
  • A new option is added in the Capps NC multi calibration window where user can Add/Delete sensor orientationsAdding multiple head files all together to create one calibration program and also it will allow the user to define the location of the master ball so the probe calibration can be done by just positioning the probe on top of the ball.

Nominal Features

  • When editing nominal features, the dialog remains open when the user switches between different nominal features.
  • Enter Nominals dialog remains open for further changes.
  • Cone can be defined by using an axis direction.
  • All dialog fields in the dialog accepts mathematical formulas.
  • Enter Nominals dialog remains open for further changes.
  • In CAD Tree View window, you can select a set of nominals and add their definition to DMIS.
  • Surface Angle option is added to Create Nominal Circle dialog to create nominal on angled surface feature, such as a cone.

Feature Measurement

  • Feature calculations are enhanced to reduce the cycle time.
  • For features that has large number of points, a progress bar is shown during the computation.
  • Circle feature that is created on an angle surface, such as a cone surface, can be measured, and path generation is calculated using non-radial vectors.

Curve Measurement

  • Unless a curve is measured using Unknown Scanning option, Capps now creates a nominal curve along with the actual curve.
  • Capps has a new tool to extract actual features corresponding to nominal ones from surfaces and/or curves. (Only available for Advanced Seats)


Pointcloud Measurements

  • Capps now has the advanced filtering option for pointclouds.
  • Automatic geometric feature extraction from pointclouds.
  • Faster loading of large pointcloud data.
  • Automatic feature path generation with sphere.(Additional features to come).
  • Enhanced path generation form CAD.

Manual Measurements

  • A dynamic point arrow is used to show the next point in Graphics Window for easy targeting.
  • Rubber band is enhanced to zoom in and out of features in Graphics Window for a better visual when measuring a set of features.


  • New scanning options for Renishaw's Revo probe heads.
  • New mechanism to control / to compensate the latency error during speeding up the laser scanning is introduced.(Related DMIS Program Commands, Latecny/ON and Latency/OFF)
  • In Capps NC a single scanning path can be used to scan the same feature with different label name which eliminates the need of creating a new scanning path every time the feature is measured.

Feature Filtering

  • Capps can control the percentage of points that can be removed when filtering out outliers using nominal or actual data.
  • Sigma filter option.

Feature Construction

  • Using Bestfit method in construction, user can select individual points (points that are only required) from a set of available points.(i.e. selecting 10 points out of 30 to construct a besfit curve).


  • RPS alignment is enhanced to use up to 20 elements.
  • 3D Bestfit Alignment supports better application on global and feature constraints.
  • Faster 3D Bestfit iterations when Compared to CAD is used.
  • Many reporting options for post Bestfit information.
  • Setup alignment has improved to work different types of datums and a new preview button added to the dialog. (i.e. Three Non-prependicular planes).


  • New True Position UI allows the user to select additional datums easily using the True Position dialog.
  • True Position calculations are enhanced to handle composite True Position outputs.
  • In case of using additional datums in True Position outputs,  a new alignment will be created based on the datums labels, such as D(ABC) or D(ABD).


  • Graphical Report dialog applies changes and updates graphics immediately.
  • Label configurations for reporting options can be accessed from Report drop down menu.
  • Enhanced Graphical Reports for curves.

DMIS and Programming Enhancements

  • Capps NC now uses standard DMESW/PASTRU command to pass string variables into NC machine programs.
  • DMIS programs now supports BOUND statement.
  • SAVE/PROJECT command now has the ability to increment or overwrite the existing project file, along with querying the operator for the project path.
  • A new set of shortcuts are available to control DMIS program execution.
  • Nominal feature definitions can be added to DMIS program from CAD TreeView.
  • Enhancements in handling strings in DMIS (concatenation, supporting STR() and CHR() functions, and more flexible string formatting).
  • Labels used for sensors, alignments and features are now case INSENSITIVE in DMIS are now case insensitive.
  • Pointcloud measurements are now supported in DMIS.
  • Additional reminders are added when DMIS recording is disabled.
  • A new section is added to the Create NC Machine Program dialog in CappsNC where user can enter the program description, which then will be added to NC machine program. It helps in identifying the programs which have only numbers like in Fanuc.
  • Now user can zoom to features in the Graphics Screen from Programming(DMIS) Window, by right clicking on Nominal / Actual feature definition, Output or Construction lines and selecting Zoom to Feature in Graphics.
  • New DMIS commands are added to obtain Master Ball/ Satellite location both in MCS and PCS, along with diameter information.
  • A new menu option is added  to toggle on/off visiual affects for DMIS program(color coding) to reduce time in compling a large DMIS programs.
  • String values can be used as alignment labels when saving alignments or as feature labels in 3D Bestfit alignment.


  • Capps now supports Kreon Laser and Kreon portable arms.
  • Capps now suppports Romer RPS portable arms.
  • Capps now supports Friul interface.

Polar Charts

  • Points are ordered before drawing the polar charts so the data looks more organized.
  • Automatically generates templates for minimum and maximum profiles.

CAD Library

  • Catia6 CAD models are now supported both in CappsDMIS and CappsNC.

AAT Project Manager

  • Communication functions are enhanced between Capps and AAT Project Manager.

AAT Vision

  • CappsDMIS now supports AAT Vision.
  • Calibrating vision sensor is possible even with out loading AAT Vision (only applies to nominal calibration)
  • Vision sensor can also be calibrated using Calibrate From Feature option
  • Vision sensors can be recalled during DMIS execution in offline mode


  • AATRMI can recive the connection requests from the existing network cards, IP address of the aviable cards is displayed in the notifications window after starting the server.