Backing up the Existing Software

Back up the existing software. In order to do that create a new folder with an easy to find name (example

CappsDMIS_BU_Date) then find the CappsDMIS folder on the PC (by default it will be C:\CappsDMIS) and copy

the entire folder then paste in the folder created. (If the user have any memory limitations in the PC, backup the

files that are mentioned below

Files that needs to be transferred form old work station to new

• From C:\CappsDMIS

    • All .dll files -

• From C:\CappsDMIS\capps

    • Capps.ini -

    • Capps.tol -

    • Cappsnt.dat -

    • Cappsnt.sns -

    • Cappsnt.tol -

    • Cappsnt.vws -

    • Interface ini files (cppentec, cpnpentac,cpdeva,..) -

    • Programs, Projects, Parts, (if necessary) -

Important Note - If user saved Programs, Projects or any there data that is used in generating programs/ projects

saved in any other place a part from the default folder all those needs to be backed up

• From C:\CappsDMIS\capps\Aat

    • AATcomp.bin or AATcomp.dat -

Important Note - Users who are using the CAPPS version 7.0 or earlier versions will have the AATcomp.dat files,

where as the users with 7.1 and above will have AATcomp.bin files. So please contact AAT if one of those files

are missing or if updating from 7.0 to the above versions.

• From C:\CappsDMIS\Files

    • Cal Flie Floder -