• A new feature under CNC now automates the inspection, machining and provide feedback before and after measure
  • Touch probe calibration for Siemens is more stabilized
  • Enhancements in Touch Probe Calibration, Spindle Indexing
  • CappsNC now supports dual laser scanning, star probes
  • Pitch - Comp table feedback is now available
  • New option under system configuration to control laser scanning parameters
  • More enhancements and stability in Laser Scanning
  • Supporting large deviations in Edge Point measurements


  • AATRMI can receive the connection requests from the existing network cards, IP address of the avialable cards is displayed in the notifications window after starting the server.
  • An error message will be prompted if firewall is blocking the AATRMI
  • AATRMI and Data IO will reconnect automatically if connections is lost.

System Configuration

  • A new INI parameter is added in System configuration to delete CAD after execution of Program/Project
  • A new parameter to include DMIS logic in NC generated G-code is added to interface parameters
  • Default NCR folder path can be changed by making changes in the Machine Configuration file in CappsNC

Graphical User Interface

  • The user can now animate the head moves in CappsNC
  • Enhancements in extracting nominals from CAD surfaces


  • Enhancements in the performance of the Laser DRO
  • Collision Avoidance for laser sensor is more stabilized

Point Cloud Measurements

  • Capps can now measure/extract points from rendered or triangulated point cloud data
  • Point cloud triangulation is optimized to use less memory for the computed triangles
  • Capps now extracts Cones, Cylinders and planes along with Points and Circles from rendered or triangulated Point cloud data.
  • Improvements in rendering triangulated point cloud data
  • Capps now supports PSL format for exporting and importing point clouds

Feature Filtering

  • A wildcard can be used in filtering features in Pick Features dialog
  • The user can now measure the set of points from a point cloud data in two ways one is by specifying the minimum and maximum distance to be measured using Optimize option and other is by using Increment where the user can enter an increment value. These two points are mutually exclusive selecting one will disable the other.

Feature Construction 

  • Enhancements in the Pattern construction
  • A new option called Offset is added to Plane and Line construct dialogue, with this option user can construct Offset plane/line using different features. User can enter the distance at which feature needs to be constructed, Capps will try to full fill the requested distances, if it fails then Capps will perform Bestfit to construct the feature


  • True Position dialogue is more stabilized
  • Enhancements in the Parallelism and Perpendicularity dialogues


  • New dialogue for defining Datums under Alignments

DMIS and Programming Enhancements

  • Conditionals option under DMIS will show the available variables that can be used for IF and JUMP labels
  • DMIS execution can be resumed using Function key F5
  • Enhanced Right Mouse Click Menu options during path execution in the Measure CAD Mode.
  • A new feature under DMIS will allow the user to add a command to pause or delay the program execution
  • Enhancements in manipulating variables in DMIS
  • Stabilized error map calculations for horizontal - arm machines
  • Enhancements in DMIS Mirror option, mirroring was always done at Origin depending on mirror axis but now user can specify the mirror location. User can now mirror 5 axis moves of PH20, REVO and NC heads
  • More improvements in exporting data
  • Enhancements to the save command under DMIS


  • New enhancements are made in the template generation which makes data analyzing more easy
  • The user can now create templates for the true position from the create template dialogue


  • Enhancements in the Reports Tab
  • New reporting styles are introduced
  • New charts represents the True Position is added