Important Note:  This document is used for both CAPPSNC and CAPPS DMIS software as they use the same internal architecture.  For ease the generic name CAPPS is used in this document.

  • Processor:   Intel i7 processor at least 3.0 GHz or faster, CAPPS can support multi-core processors as well.  Processor speed should be based on CAD model requirements.  It is recommended to use a faster processor with larger CAD models
  • CAPPS offers a 32 or a 64 bit application, both can run on a 64 bit platform. CAPPS can run in the following operating systems:

- Windows 7

- Windows 8

- Windows 10

  • PC brand is not important
  • Minimum RAM requirement is 8GB.  However, it is recommended to use more RAM with larger CAD models and data sets.  Recommended RAM type is DDR4
  • NVidia cards are required for CAPPS.  NVidia GEFORCE with at least 2gb of on board memory are recommended, however, cards with more on board memory should be used for applications with large CAD models.  

DO NOT USE any Intel built on mother board graphics processors (i.e. Intel HD Series).

  • Standard hard drive type should have a spindle speed of 7,200 RPM with a minimum of 1TB of storage, if a solid state drive is used then it should contain at least 250GB of storage space with a supplemental standard HDD for storage:  CAPPS requires about 200MB installation space.  Above that, hard drive space requirements are based on user requirements for data storage. 

Other Components

- Multiple Network ports may be needed.  (1x for machine, 1x for local network)

- Speakers

- Mouse

- Keyboard

- Monitor (CAPPS supports dual monitor display)

Important Note:  If the machine requires the COM ports (Serial Ports) it is recommended that the PC includes these ports or a peripheral card with COM ports is installed in the PC.  USB to Serial connectors are NOT recommended and AAT cannot guarantee the functionality of the Capps software if using one and will not service PCs/Machines where these peripherals are used.