You can section curves and grid patterns on a CAD surfaces using the Surfaces option under Measure Toolbar as shown below:

In order to create such pattern on the CAD surface follow the steps below: 

1) First highlight the CAD surface that you want to create the section curve or grid pattern.

2) Click on the Surfaces option in Measure Toolbar and it will open Surface Options. Here you can select one of Section Cuts or Grid methods:

3) Once you select one of the methods above, Capps will open up a new dialog depending on your selection: 

  • Section Cuts: Sections cuts are used to create section curves along X, Y, or Z axis of the CAD model.   
  • In order to create a section curve as above, you need to simply select Single Section and click on the mouse icon 
  • Your mouse pointer will turn into a cross air which you can click on the highlighted surface to determine where the first section curve will be placed. (For more information on the other options refer to Help Menu - Help Desk - CappsNC / CappsDMIS User Manual - Creating Planar Sectional Curves)


  • Grid: Grid option is used to create a grid of points on a highlighted surface. 
  • Once you click on the grid option it will automatically display the grid points on the highlighted surface as shown above. The area where the grid points are going to be created are determined by the VDIR and UDIR square in the dialog and you can adjust it by simply holding the boundary points on the edges. 

  • Also you can change the distance between points or the number of points per line using the Construction Settings in the same dialog. (For more information on the other options refer to Help Menu - Help Desk - CappsNC / CappsDMIS User Manual - Creating Nominal Grid Points)